‘Trucker Country’ from singer-songwriter Erich McMann

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Erich McMannErich McMann

“Who says nothing good ever came out of last winter’s much cursed and thoroughly mocked Polar Vortex?” So asks David Hollis over at the Truckers News site attendant to something of a preview of Chicago-area singer-songwriter Erich McMann‘s “Trucker Country” disc, soon to see independent release. As the big cold snap create havor around on McMann’s region and across the country last winter, he holed up at home to harness a “burst of creative energy…. The result is a new CD of trucker-themed songs due out next month.”

It was McMann’s father’s past, hauling steel out of the mills in Gary, Ind., that led his interest in trucking as a subject. As for McMann himself, his return to his Midwest roots follows years working the club scene in Florida and elsewhere in the Southeast. Read more about the artist in Hollis’ interview with him at this link.

Find more tracks from McMann at his Bandcamp page.