Owner-op’s run on ‘Survivor’ ends

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Owner-operator Carl Boudreaux was voted off the island in the latest episode of CBS’ Survivor this week.Owner-operator Carl Boudreaux was voted off the island in the latest episode of CBS’ Survivor this week.

The Texas-based owner-operator who has been competing on the CBS reality TV series Survivor had a good run on the show, but he was voted off the island this week.

In Wednesday’s first episode, a confident Carl Boudreaux decided to sit out an immunity challenge and enjoy what host Jeff Probst said may have been the world’s largest plate of nachos. There was also a pitcher of beer and another of margaritas to share with several others.

Overdrive sister site Truckers News Editor David Hollis asked Boudreaux, through CBS, if he had any regrets about his decision and if the nachos were better than what he’s used to in Texas.

“Not one regret at all,” Boudreaux said. “I needed the nourishment at that point. No, they weren’t better than the ones I get in Texas, but they were very, very good. When you are that hungry anything that is food tastes good. I do have some places in Texas where I can get some bomb nachos.”

Also in that first episode, Boudreaux engineered the departure of his main rival, bartender Alec Merlino, at the following tribal council. But, in doing so, he seems to have angered some of the remaining nine survivors.

In Wednesday’s second episode, Boudreaux won a reward in the opening challenge, his first of the season. But while he was off enjoying that, others conspired against him. At the second tribal council, the vote was four for Angelina Keeley and five against Boudreaux, and his torch was extinguished.

Still, Boudreaux is philosophical about his exit.

“While winning is the ultimate goal, just the experience in itself was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life,” he told Truckers News through CBS. “That experience is nothing that money can buy. I’m devastated that I didn’t win but at the end of the day I’m OK ’cause I have my health and my family and in life that is all you really need.”

The competition for $1 million is now down to eight participants. Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.