Marvin Gerbrand

This song is a description of the life on the road as an independent truck driver. My wife and I have been married for 33 years, and we have three adult children. I have always want to truck, and still enjoy it, but the life always has taken me away from the time I could have spent with my family. I have been trucking for 37 years. At first I was just a driver, then I bought a truck, and then I started my own company. I had up to 8 trucks in 2005, but now I am back to only running my own truck. I learned to play guitar by ear in high school. I hadn’t played for a long time, but picked it up again by watching YouTube videos within the last 5 years as something to do while waiting to load and unload. This song came to me last fall, after I had started to write my own songs last summer, and is somewhat autobiographical. It may or may not be a metaphor regarding life itself, depending on a listeners discernment.

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