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‘Never in trucking history’

| March 06, 2009

Such was the estimation of Jerry Spires of Spires Trucking in Miramar in South Florida, when he was called on by Associated Press reporter Scott Sonner to comment on a Golden Eagle that crashed through the windshield of one of his trucks. Piloted by Matthew Roberto Gonzalez of Opa Locka, Fla., the rig was rolling down I-80 in Nevada, “>about 60 miles west of the Utah line,” wrote Sonner, when Daryl Young, Gonzalez’ codriver asleep in the bunk, “heard a loud thump like a brick or something coming through the glass,” Young told Sonner. “I woke up, and the windshield was all over me. Next thing I know there was a big bird lying on the floor.”

The eagle survived, and AP photos of rescuers (and at least one of the truck) are available href=””>Digg

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