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| January 23, 2014

Go By Truck’s new freight-management application is the latest addition to owner-operators’ increasing options for more automated load matching and selection. The platform — via — allows shippers, carriers and drivers to “conduct business in the free market and the eliminates excessive costs associated with today’s broker-dependent model,” the company says, billing itself as “automated freight brokering” aimed at ultimately eliminating traditional freight middlemen from load transactions. (Go By Truck, however, is a registered broker, and the fee for use of the system, according to the company, is levied with each transaction at a 10 percent rate.)

Available via the website, the platform addresses the problems that slow down transportation and drive up costs, say company owners Dawn Strobel and Kevin Hiller.  

Because Go By Truck recognizes the value of gratitude in all aspects of life, the company has created a rewards program for all of its users. Any driver, shipper or carrier who recommends the Go By Truck platform to a new user gets rewarded every time that user makes a transaction. Referrals to the Go By Truck community have limitless value, and the rewards reflect that.

Any driver, shipper or carrier signed up with who recommends the freight-management platform to a new user gets rewarded every time that user makes a transaction, the company says. Drivers can find out more about the referral program via this page.

“There is a fundamental lack of gratitude in today’s trucking industry,” explains Hiller. “We believe that if shippers and carriers start asking what they can do for each other, their own businesses will profit, as well. Gratitude and give-back are the foundation of the Go By Truck application.” 

The application utilizes an online banking-type platform to benefit both shippers and carriers, the company says, whereby businesses can negotiate transactions based on the spot market with real-time pricing. Invoicing and auditing are automated, so shippers can release payment upon delivery — owner-operators utilizing the system to book freight, they add, thus would no longer need the services of a factoring company to manage cash flow.  


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Strobel pitches directly to small fleets: “Kevin and I recognize it is getting tougher and tougher for smaller carriers to compete in the industry regardless of the fact that they are hauling the majority of the nation’s freight. We saw technology leaving trucking in the dust, and we knew we had to do something to bring innovation to the industry.”

All carriers and shippers on the Go By Truck platform are verified businesses, the company adds. The transparency built into the application holds each party to any transaction accountable to the other — a condition of doing business Go By Truck insists on.


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A freight listing and finding tool is capable of automatically matching carriers with loads based on trailer type, parameters and space available, developers say, offering more speedy freight matching. 

Go By Truck also offers a locating app for drivers as a companion to the freight management tool. Installed on drivers’ mobile devices, it allows carriers to find their drivers and shippers to pinpoint their shipment’s exact location. The design does not save a history of the drivers’ locations, the company says.  


Below find Go By Truck videos outlining carrier and driver benefits from the system.  

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[youtube 3MdoigO_JMo nolink]

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