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New trucking novel

| January 20, 2009

Highway to New York: A Lady Truck Driver Adventure. The story’s protagonist, Lisa Stack, drives a Freightliner and runs with the handle “>Asphalt Angel,” though “deep down,” as goes the book’s description, “she’s soft as mush.” The book begins when Lisa gets mugged, then gets caught up in a series of glancing encounters with the NYG, a moblike criminal enterprise, before witnessing the explosion of a gasoline tanker truck and the murder of its driver. The intrigue ratchets up from there. divdiv

Auerbacher, who lives in New York City, researched the book by, among other methods, interviewing drivers en route through the city. A story in Truckers News being published in March will detail Auerbacher’s story in more depth. Keep an eye out for it.

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