Nominations being taken for 2nd annual Citizen Driver Awards

| May 28, 2014

Click through the image to  nominate a driver for the Citizen Driver award.

The Citizen Driver Award program from TA Petro kicked off last year, with winners announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March 2014. It’s now officially entered its second year. The awards are intended to make good on the sponsors’ belief that “drivers deserve nothing but the utmost respect, care and comfort and a good pat on the back,” as states the nominations website.

Citizen Driver Award recipients Linda and Bob Caffee (pictured), leased to FedEx Custom Critical, were featured on the cover of Overdrive's December 2012 issue attenant to a cover story about the expediting niche.

Citizen Driver Award recipients Linda and Bob Caffee (pictured), leased to FedEx Custom Critical, were featured on the cover of Overdrive‘s December 2012 issue attendant to the “Expedited advantage” cover story about the expediting niche.

With the process getting under way, two past award recipients have taken it upon themselves to help get the word out about the program and assist nominees through the application process, which owner-operator and award recipient (with her team husband, Bob) Linda Caffee describes as extensive. She pointed Overdrive to the existence of a new Facebook page launched by fellow Citizen Driver Shawn Hubbard to, in Caffee’s words, “help the next batch of people nominating drivers for this award. Anyone can ask questions on the page on what we think should be included on the application, what kind of testimonials to get, and how to get it done.”

You can access their “TA/Petro Citizen Driver Award” Facebook page via this link.

The award recognizes, officially “drivers who earn public respect for our industry through good citizenship, safety, community involvement, health and wellness, and leadership.”


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Anyone can nominate a driver, TA Petro notes, from fleet owners to family members, organizations and suppliers. Nominations are being accepted until September 30, 2014. Winners will be announced at the Mid-American Trucking Show in 2015, after which, among other honors, winners will have a TA or Petro location named for them, as also happened this year.

Download the nomination form via this link.

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