Trucks – eyesores to the ritzy neighbor

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Truck Park Nice HouseCedar Lake, Ind., is in a small debate over whether to allow drivers to park trucks in neighborhoods, including their own. This article from the notes drivers “can’t even bring home the rig’s cab, known as a bobtail, for the time it takes to visit with family or take a shower,” as the local law stands now.

A public study session held last week, though, had several trucking advocates voice opinions, including Town Councilman Greg Parker, who the article says has been in the trucking industry for 25 years (though it doesn’t say in what capacity.)

Parker wants the laws changed to prevent constant ticketing of drivers, and, the article says, Parker noted at the session that fining a driver for taking a truck home “amounts to a tax on the working man.”

The main dissident of the session was Councilman John Foreman, who veered the conversation toward the potential for trucks to damage residential roads and to leak diesel in neighborhoods. He even threw out this zinger:

“If I buy a $300,000 house, I’m not going to want [a truck] parked in my neighborhood.”

No break for the working man, huh?

One driver in the audience, Sharon Zuniga, a Cedar Lake resident, did take exception to Foreman’s  offbeat comment, telling him she thought his comments were “very prejudiced.”

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