Why truck drivers get into business as owner-operators -- and more post-PIB discussion at MATS

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Updated Apr 18, 2022

As Georgia-headquartered owner-operator Raeshawn Lucas has it, higher earning potential as an owner-operator is certainly a prime motivating factor for the decision to strike out on one's own as a business in trucking. Yet that's not all when it comes bedrock goals.

Respect, freedom of choice in so many aspects of how you do business. ... Fact is, owner-operators go into business for themselves with all manner of often-overlapping goals in mind, well evident in the discussion I had at the Mid-America Trucking Show with owner-operator Lucas, leased under a longtime friend and associate's authority; Landstar-leased David Nihart, who's worn a variety of trucking hats over a long career so far; and Pete Anderson of Georgetown, Texas, a vocational fleet manager with plans to move into over-the-road as a small fleet owner.

Anderson, Nihart, Gary Buchs, and LucasFrom Left: Anderson, Nihart, Overdrive Extra contributor Gary Buchs, and Lucas

The talk followed Overdrive’s Partners in Business seminar at MATS with ATBS Vice President Mike Hosted and Overdrive’s own Gary Buchs, both of whom you'll also hear in today's Overdrive Radio episode, in addition to the three owners. Find insights on: 

And more, of course. Take a listen: 

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