A guide to ELD providers

For carriers utilizing grandfathered AOBRD devices, upgrading to the ELD spec by the Dec. 17 deadline can prove a daunting task, given the hundreds of providers who have self-certified their devices as compliant and registered them with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The providers detailed in the chart that follows were shown in a late 2018 survey of Overdrive and CCJ readers to have commanded a significant market share when it comes to actual usage by readers.

Key elements to consider when making initial comparisons:

COSTS. Unless otherwise noted, all hard costs in this chart apply to a one-truck operator independent of any larger fleet and buying aftermarket. Prices may vary with volume discounts and ancillary features, and monthly service charges generally are per-truck/ELD unit, unless otherwise noted. As shown, many providers offer lease options for hardware with prices bundled into service packages. Systems with hardware included in new trucks, including some built by these manufacturers, are not reflected.

Some systems use dedicated hardware. Others are “bring your own device” products, where software on operators’ smartphones or tablets is paired with a device that connects to the engine’s electronic control module. For such BYOD systems, all hardware and service costs associated exclude the cost of the smartphone/tablet paired with the ECM connection, unless otherwise noted. Any associated data plan charges are also not included.

COMPLIANCE WITH MANDATE. All of the devices in these listings are included on the FMCSA’s registry of self-certified devices.

Read all of our reporting on the mandate via this link.

The FMCSA maintains its ELD device registry. Compliance with the mandate requires truckers to utilize one of the listed devices. Products listed there are self-certified by the manufacturer as compliant. For ultimate enforcement of device specifications, FMCSA relies on roadside enforcement and other intelligence to spur any investigation of any system’s compliance.

Carriers/owner-operators mulling a provider switch in advance of the December 17, 2019, deadline for previous-generation AOBRD users to upgrade to an ELD-spec device, should be certain that with any provider they are getting an ELD-spec device and not previous generation technology. This will ensure continued compliance beyond the end of the year.

FEATURES. Devices included here as a general rule allow for electronic driver vehicle inspection reports, unit tracking for the back office or shippers and receivers, messaging and a variety of other features enabled by the electronic log’s connection to the engine’s electronic control module. Some exceptions to the rule exist in dedicated logging/DVIR devices with limited other functionality. Ancillary features listed do not include in most cases everything available from each provider company, and some features may require further investment in service packages and/or hardware.

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Provider AT&T Fleet Complete BigRoad Blue Ink Technology Blue Tree Systems, an ORBCOMM Company Continental DriveELD EROAD Ezlogz Garmin International Geotab Gorilla Safety GPS Insight I.D. Systems J.J. Keller KeepTruckin Konexial Omnitracs Omnitracs Pedigree Technologies Pegasus TransTech Platform Science R&L Fleet Management Rand McNally DriverConnect Rand McNally Samsara Spireon FleetLocate Teletrac Navman ThinAir Telematics Trimble Trucker Path TruckX Utech Verizon Connect Verizon Connect Zonar
Provider Att Fleet Complete June 2016 2017 04 25 10 55 Bigroad Logo 2017 02 24 15 19 Bit Eld Logo 2017 03 08 14 58 Blue Tree Orbcomm Logo 2019 08 06 09 31 Roadlog Logo Color 2017 02 24 15 19 Drive Eld Logo 2017 11 21 13 38 Eroad Logo Ez Logz 2018 03 15 16 43 Garmin Logo 2017 05 16 11 55 Geotab Logo 002 2017 03 10 11 26 Gorilla Safety Logo Circle Only 2017 09 26 10 48 Gpsi Logo Flat 2016 12 15 14 49 Id Systems Powerfleet Logo 2019 08 05 13 41 Jj Keller Logo Keep Truckin Logo 2016 05 10 14 25 Koniexal My20 Truck 002 2017 02 28 14 09 Omnitracs Logo 2015 Cmyk No Tagline 2016 06 01 13 21 Omnitracs Logo 2015 Cmyk No Tagline 2016 06 01 13 21 One View Eld Chart Logo Transflo Log Os Blue Transflo 2017 02 08 13 40 Platform Science Logo 2019 08 02 15 19 Rl Fleet Management Logo 2019 08 12 10 47 Rand Mcnally Squarelogo 1423864278063 2017 02 16 12 41 Rand Mcnally Squarelogo 1423864278063 2017 02 16 12 41 Samsara Logo 2019 07 15 13 11 Fleet Locate By Spireon Cmyk 2019 07 11 14 21 Teletrac Navman Logo Overdrive Eld 2017 02 15 16 54 Thinair Logo 2019 09 11 13 39 Trimble Logo 2017 09 27 15 16 Trucker Path Logo 2018 03 29 12 54 Truck X Logo Png 002 2017 10 11 10 10 U Tech Gps Tab Logo 2017 10 11 09 48 Verizon Connect 2019 07 08 08 27 Verizon Connect 2019 07 08 08 27 Zonar Light Background 200 2017 10 16 10 04
Device Name AT&T Fleet Complete ELD DashLink ELD BIT ELD BT500 VDO RoadLog DriveELD EROAD ELD Ezlogz ELD Garmin eLog Geotab GO Prime8 Compact/Prime8 Connect ELD-2000 LV-9000 Encompass Fleet Management System KeepTruckin My20 IVG XRS ELD Chrome Transflo ELD T-Series Platform Science ELD ELD, ELD With GPS Tracking ELD50, DC200 TND765 Samsara Vehicle Gateway FleetLocate FL1 DIRECTOR Drive App ThinAir ELD eDriver Logs Trucker Path ELD XELD GPSTab ELD Edition Verizon Connect REVEAL ELD LogBook Verizon Connect WorkPlan & HOS ELD Zonar Logs
Type of Device BYOD | Android, iOS | tablet option available BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, with Samsung, Garmin, TomTom tablet options Dedicated unit BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated unit BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS (also compatible with dēzl GPS navigators) BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS | hard mount options available Dedicated unit Dedicated unit | two options, Win-CE (5700) and Android (7000) OS BYOD | Android, iOS | or paired with dedicated J.J. Keller Compliance Tablet BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated units BYOD | Company- certified Android devices Cab-Mate Open: BYOD, Android | Cab-Mate Connect: Dedicated unit | Cab-Mate One: All-in-one plug-and-play BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android Dedicated unit | BYOD also available BYOD | Android, iOS | or paired with select TND tablets Dedicated unit BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated unit (BYOD on the way) BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated units BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated unit | Zonar Android tablet or Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2
Initial cost $0 $0 with lease $295 $0 with lease/purchase over 3-5 years $595 for RoadLog; $295 for RoadLog Plus $0 $0 with monthly plan $0 $250 Approx. $170 (price set by local reseller) $225-$250 $260 for ELD-2000 and GPS tracking device combination; $150 set-up fee waived for 3-year contracts $549, lease options available $0 with BYOD option $150 $130 for hardware $799 for most options $0 with hardware lease option $0 with lease, $399-$799 for dedicated unit, $219-$299 for BYOD solution $99 for ELD-only service/$0 when bundled with other Transflo services Varies Varies (lease options available) $149-$399, custom options available for larger fleets $699, custom options available for larger fleets Varies according to fleet size and options $0 $0 (minor/negotiable installation fees) $0 with lease up to $150 to purchase $0 with lease option up to $950, depending on capabilities $0 $0 $0 with lease, $200 to purchase ELD plug $0 $0 with lease option up to $100 and more Varies according to fleet size and options chosen
Ongoing lease or service fees per truck Monthly: $14.99 per vehicle Monthly: Starting at $19.50 for owner-ops $0, $30 monthly for Full Service package Monthly: $20-$55 $0 for RoadLog; Fully connected Plus package: Subscription cost varies Monthly: $15 and higher Monthly: $35-$60 depending on options, for qualifying fleets Monthly: $30 $0 Monthly: $20-$35 approx. (set by local reseller) Monthly: $20-$37 Monthly: $34 and higher Monthly: $27 and lower Monthly: $20 (one truck, less with multi-driver discounting) Monthly: $20-$35 Monthly: $20-$25 Monthly: $23 and higher Monthly: $23 and higher Monthly: $20 and higher Monthly: $25 ELD-only; varies otherwise depending on services bundled Varies Varies Monthly: $15 and higher Monthly: $20 and higher Varies according to fleet size and options Monthly: $28 Monthly: $45 and higher depending on options Monthly: $17.77 and higher depending on options Monthly: $30-$60 for service, more with lease if applicable Monthly: $8.30-$18, depending on options Monthly: $18-$27 per truck Monthly: $20 Monthly: $46 Monthly: $36 including hardware lease and up Varies with service plan/features
Other capabilities beyond logs Customizable for fleet management functions such as dispatching, engine diagnostics, geofencing, video telematics, driver behavior reporting/management, asset tracking and optional custom integrations from Fleet Complete Marketplace Customizable for fleet management functions such as dispatching, engine diagnostics, geofencing, driver behavior reporting/management, and asset tracking; personalized load matching; pay-as-you-drive ELD solution (39 cents/driving hour) options for occasional haulers; optional dashcam video solution IFTA, fault code reading, maintenance features available, OBDII plug-in option for lighter-duty trucks; Full Service package adds reduced hardware prices, tire-pressure monitoring, onboard scales, document capture/share, location sharing, back-office visibility into services Weigh station bypass, Canadian ELD, driver comms and scoring, truck-specific navigation, IFTA, TMS integration, container/reefer/trailer monitoring IFTA, built-in thermal printer; with RoadLog Plus connected option, real-time data transfer, fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, driver scorecard, integrated dispatch for small fleets Base ELD version: IFTA, management portal, document capture; Navigator package ($20) adds CoPilot truck-specific navigation, messaging; Fleet version adds sophisticated workflow, integrations, and advanced analytics Electronic weight-mile tax, IFTA, IRP record-keeping; driver behavior reporting/management; maintenance, fuel and other management functions; geofencing and retrospective event tools; TMS integrations IFTA, engine diagnostics, trip-planning functions, social-networking tools, document capture, among others Local transfer of logs via USB/Bluetooth during inspections, in-device storage, quick-glance compliance IFTA data collection, engine diagnostics, driver scorecards and coaching, safety/risk management functions, data integration for management, IOX-expansion, more custom add-ons from Geotab Marketplace Fleet management portal, user/vehicle management, advanced drivetime edit, driver alerts, short-haul/e-log settings for blended fleets; Fleet Xpress package adds IFTA, fuel and document management, custom policies/procedures, admin/manager alerts, advanced telematics, DVIR, remote document delivery, DOT inspections; Xtreme package adds integrated mechanic portal with maintenance and parts functions, accident scene navigator, US DOT management, messaging, non-DOT trips, non-vehicle driver logs, advanced DVIR, bulk unidentified driving edits and flexible permissions IFTA data collection, engine diagnostics, routing, hierarchy functions for larger fleets, suite of tailored GPS tracking solutions Driver/truck performance and engine diagnostics/preventive maintenance reporting, in-cab scanning, navigation; road segment speeding available at additional cost Optional IFTA reporting, dash cam pro video, navigation, engine diagnostics, driver qualification, drug & alcohol management, accident tracking, training, recordkeeping “Pro” subscription ($35) adds IFTA, Wi-Fi hotspot, engine diagnostics,  driver scorecards, shipper/receiver facility analytics to basic package ($20); TMS integrations (TMW, McLeod, others), integrated forward-facing dashcam, other possibilities via KeepTruckin App Marketplace IFTA, My20 Tower functions for small fleets, dashboards, GoFuel fuel discount and management, navigation/mapping, GoLoad truckload freight-matching, simple installation Engine diagnostics, mobile-based weigh station bypass , in-cab scanning, truck navigation, geofencing, custom mobile forms, TMS integration, idle time tracking, video recording, simple installation, navigation, more. Coming soon: Satellite connection (for oilfield capability), IFTA Base service plan includes engine diagnostics and fuel-purchase and maintenance functions. Premium package includes IFTA, performance reports, and video recording option IFTA, engine diagnostics standard. Expandable and customizable with fleet management functions, including dispatch, forms, job management, maintenance, tires, seatbelts, trailer tracking, temperature monitoring, TMS integrations, more. IFTA, maintenance/engine performance data, driver behavior insights, accident detection and reconstruction, TMS integration, loads, dispatch chat, weather,routing, document scanning, settlement statements, more Driver workflow, messaging, training, remote platform/device management, critical events reporting, driver performance analysis, engine diagnostics, starter interrupt, navigation Open API for software integration, IFTA reporting, maintenance, engine diagnostic codes report, PTO, idle time, driver performance, messaging, route optimization, temperature monitoring, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, dashcams, more TMS integration, workflow, IFTA, mapping, analytics, engine diagnostics; cellular modem in DC200; truck-specific navigation with dedicated TND tablet; OBDII options Truck-specific navigation, TMS integration, workflow, IFTA, mapping, analytics, diagnostics AI dashcam, engine diagnostics (including PTO & idle time), IFTA, geofencing, driver scorecards, document capture & management, dispatch, route planning & analytics, TMS integrations (TMW, McLeod), trailer tracking, temperature tracking, 24/7 support, more IFTA, fleet management, GM/Ford OEM integrated telematics, equipment/trailer tracking, FSMA, driver scorecard, engine diagnostics, maintenance tracking IFTA, engine diagnostics, dispatch and messaging, driver behavior tracking, dashboard cameras, workflow solutions, truck-grade navigation, driver scorecards, TMS integration, fuel monitoring Customizable DVIR, IFTA, team driving, offline support, engine diagnostics (idle, PTO, engine hours and more), driver scorecard/behavior reporting, mobile worker dispatch and document management, multi-language, trailer/asset tracking, 24/7 support Customizable for fleet management functions, mobile-based weigh station bypass, more IFTA, truck parking information, truckloads load board, dispatch and messaging, team driving IFTA, route history, dispatch, share-specific load tracking, engine diagnostics, service and maintenance reminders IFTA, load location sharing with customer, document scanner, driver scorecard, flexible reporting, asset trackers, camera system, truck parking info/reservations Work Optimization, over-the-air updates, IFTA data collection, engine diagnostics, route optimization, optional turn-by-turn navigation Document capture, trip plan sharing, engine diagnostics and prognostics, more Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for dispatch, management, operational functions; camera; navigation; Android compatibility; over-the-air updates; electronic verified inspections (EVIR); host of Zonar and 3rd-party-approved fleet management apps, and access to other apps on the Google Play store depending on which Zonar plan the customer is on
Find more information ATT.FleetComplete.com BigRoad.com BlueInkTech.com BlueTreeSystems.com | ORBCOMM.com VDORoadLog.com Drive-ELD.com EROAD.com Ezlogz.com Garmin.com Geotab.com GorillaSafety.com GPSInsight.com PowerFleet.com KellerEncompass.com KeepTruckin.com Konexial.com Omnitracs.com Omnitracs.com Cab-Mate.com Transflo.com PlatformScience.com RLFleet.com RandMcNally.com RandMcNally.com Samsara.com Spireon.com TeletracNavman.com ThinAir.co Transportation.Trimble.com ELD.TruckerPath.com TruckX.com UtechCorp.com VerizonConnect.com VerizonConnect.com ZonarSystems.com