Succeeding as an owner-operator is all about business. It’s about how to handle the rising costs of equipment, fuel and insurance when there is no corresponding increase in revenue. It’s about tracking costs and keeping good records so you can change your operation before it’s too late. It’s about looking at the big picture and setting goals so that your hard work gets you where you want to go.

Because you are constantly on the road, it’s difficult to get professional consultation when you need it. That’s where Partners in Business comes in. The information, advice and resources listed here are for both owner-operators who are just getting started and seasoned independents who want to reinforce their business skills.

This manual, which has undergone many revisions and additions since its last edition, is something you can refer to whenever you have a question about managing your operation, whether it’s buying your first truck or planning for retirement. The forms throughout the manual will help you get a handle on many key areas.

If you’re new to trucking, do plenty of research before plunging into the owner-operator world. It’s a good idea to work as a company driver for at least a year. Once you get into it, you’ll find that there’s much more to owning and operating a trucking business than just earning a commercial driver’s license and making a truck payment.

At the same time, a well-run owner-operator business can be a profitable, enjoyable enterprise. We hope this information will help you achieve that experience.


Max Heine
Overdrive Editorial Director