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Custom Rigs

This email includes your January digital issue of Overdrive. You are now receiving your complimentary copy of Overdrive magazine in digital format direct to your inbox.

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The January 2010 Issue Includes:

Boost Your Rate
Strategies to drive the highest rates – and develop good relationships – with brokers.

Being Choosy

Being picky pays off for independent Tim Costen.

CARB to revise regulation
Calif. board to reconsider truck rule.

2010 Owner-Operator Almanac
What’s coming in 2010? This may help you organize your calendar and smooth the path for a profitable year.

Watch Your Weight – Load Distribution

Knowing how to distribute your cargo when loading will help you maximize payload and keep you running legal.

Upcoming Editorial and Opportunities

Overdrive March Editorial

Electronic on board recorders – covering the experience of carriers and owner-operators using them and update on regulatory outlook

The big equipment choice – how to do the math to determine if you should repair, rebuild or replace your old truck, engine or component.

AGM batteries – Why absorbed glass mat batteries are the best for trying to idle less

March issue closing dates: Space Close – Feb 9, 2010 Materials Close – Feb 10, 2010

Custom Rigs Magazine March Editorial

Buyer’s Guide: Sound systems; what’s hot in radios/speakers/amps/head units
Shop Tools: What’s new in plasma cutters, TIG and MIG welders

Customizing: Detailing Secrets; tips and tricks from the best show truck detailers
Power Coating; ceramics and other coatings for turbos and custom exhausts

How-To: Shave Peterbilt Headlights; One-piece window conversion; custom speaker enclosures

March issue closing dates: Space Close: – Jan 29, 2010 Materials Close –Feb 1, 2010