PIB manual

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You can receive a free digital download of the Partners in Business manual by visiting this link. Here is the table of contents for the 2021 manual: 

Chapter 1: Becoming your own boss

Take time to prepare for this big step

Chapter 2: Bookkeeping and business analysis

Tracking progress, filing income taxes and maximizing your bottom line

Chapter 3: Understanding your revenue and costs

There’s more to earnings than pay per mile

Chapter 4: Managing time

Follow these proven tips on planning your schedule to make more money

Chapter 5: Controlling fuel costs

Your survival depends on minimizing fuel consumption and getting a fair surcharge

Chapter 6: Controlling tire costs

Keep your no. 2 variable expense to a minimum with smart spec’ing

Chapter 7: Managing money

Best practices for healthy cash flow, debt avoidance and identity protection

Chapter 8: Income tax and other taxes

Good planning and record-keeping help keep those payments at a minimum

Chapter 9: Choosing a business structure

What legal form works best for your operation?

Chapter 10: Truck buying, leasing, financing

Determine your best method for acquiring a truck

Chapter 11: Choosing a trailer

Spec’ing smartly can increase your profits

Chapter 12: Maintaining your equipment

Routine PM will save money over time and help determine when to trade

Chapter 13: Choosing a carrier

It’s expensive to switch carriers, so pick your partner carefully if running leased

Chapter 14: Computers, mobile devices and the internet

Online trucking resources combined with ever-cheaper digital tools can help you work faster, smarter and more profitably

Chapter 15: Staying compliant and safe

Protect your career by following regulations, practicing safe driving and using data to your advantage

Chapter 16: Trucking insurance

Understand the types of coverage and what your operation requires

Chapter 17: Health and income insurance

Paying for coverage of personal risks is a cost of doing business

Chapter 18: Going independent

Getting your own carrier authority comes with risks and rewards

Chapter 19: Saving for yourself

The habit of saving for personal goals will pay big dividends later

Appendix 1: Vehicle registration

Appendix 2: Resources

Appendix 3: Owner-operator glossary