Webinar Instructions


Joining a Webinar requires pre-registration. To register for a Webinar:

1. Click on the registration link or button provided on a registration Web site or in an invitation email.

2. Complete the registration form. (Please note there may be some required fields.)

3. You will receive an email confirming your registration for the Webinar along with the option to add the Webinar information to your Outlook® Calendar.*


*Some Webinars may require organizer approval prior to the delivery of a confirmation email.


To Join a Webinar

1. Open the Webinar confirmation email.

2. Click the Join Webinar link provided in the confirmation email

3. If prompted, click Yes or Grant to accept the download.

4. If requested, enter the Webinar password provided by your Webinar organizer.

You will be entered into the Webinar, and the Attendee Control Panel and GoToWebinar Viewer Window will appear. Note: When joining a Webinar, remember to also conference in using the information provided by your Webinar organizer.



Check your Webinar confirmation for the conference call service that the organizer has provided and dial in to the conference call. Note: You may be joining the conference call in a listen-only mode. To communicate with the organizer, please use the Question and Answer feature shown below.



Once you have joined the Webinar you will see the GoToWebinar Control Panel and Grab Tab. The control panel contains three panes that can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the arrow on the left side of each pane. Note: You can only change your satisfaction rating and post questions in the Question and Answer pane if the organizer has enabled these features.



An attendee may leave a Webinar at any time.


To leave a Webinar

1. From the Attendee Control Panel File Menu, select Exit Leave Webinar.

2. On the Leave Webinar? confirmation dialog box, click Yes.