Jeffery Kuchel's 2006 Western Star 4900EX Lowmax


This 2006 Western Star 4900EX Lowmax, owned and operated by Jeffery Kuchel, pulls a 53-foot Great Dane dry van across the Lower 48. The rig sports a 60 Series Detroit with an 18-speed. Kuchel bought the truck from its second owner and completely went through it, rebuilt the engine and changed the entire look of the trailer. He says he tried to keep it looking "old school," and had his friends at Thunder Grafix in Joplin, Missouri, do all the lettering and graphics on the truck and trailer. The trailer has a lift axle, stainless boxes on each side and watermelon lights to match the lights on the truck. "It’s a true working truck that stays on the road all year long," Kuchel says. He travels with his Belgian Malinois and stays out three to six months at a time before heading home. 

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