Win the warranty game

There’s no shortage of reasons for invalidating a warranty. Trump them all with proper PM and get your claim honored.

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Panel to look at trucking ‘2020’

A panel of trucking industry executives will examine the future during the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference.

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Meritor shows 14X tandem drive axle

ArvinMeritor unveiled its next-generation Meritor 14X tandem drive axle, built on the legacy of the company’s previous RT145 axle, at a press event  March 24 in Lousville, Ky. According to ArvinMeritor engineers, the new axle drew on that design heritage while incorporating many new technological features. The 14X axle is the signature component member of the company’s MPG Series, which is optimized for improved total lifecycle costs, including higher productivity and increased miles-per-gallon performance.   “The 14X brings the ...

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