Livin’ on potato time

"You could put 40 clocks and 25 cameras inside of every single commercial vehicle on the road, and those items would not prevent accidents." More on the push for so-called "safety" devices from on high ...

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When the bees stopped helping the potatoes

"Don't send a potato to represent the interests of the grapes. Also, if you're going to wine, put it in the right cask. One more thing: don't poop in your own vineyard and expect to have a lot of visitors, especially from worker bees."

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Bee haulers: Michigan needs you

If Mark Longstroth, writing in the Western Farm Press last week, is right, early Spring growth over much of the U.S. East and Midwest has bee haulers in overdrive trying to keep up with demand for hives to pollinate fruit trees in groves far and wide. "Most of the bees that pollinate Michigan fruit crops either overwintered in Florida or just finished pollinating almonds in California," Longstroth wrote. "One problem is trucking. Most of the truckers ...

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