Birmingham News

Driving Miss Crazy shoots straight

Just how Birmingham News "Driver's Side" traffic columnist Ginny MacDonald settled on the handle Driving Miss Crazy is something of a mystery. But like the friendship that evolved between the black chauffeur and the elderly Jewess in the film the handle plays on, the moniker smacks of a magnificent sense of humor. And that’s something all drivers can use, whether they’re in the front seat – or the back. MacDonald recently packed a post with insight ...

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Having the cake and rolling it too

You may remember our reporting on the "Biggest tractor-trailer cake in the world" on the occasion of Iowa 80 Truckstop's Walcott Truckers Jamboree's big anniversary more than a year ago now -- the confection, an 8-foot-long creation, still probably holds the title, but we've gotten word via the Birmingham News of another (pictured, by the Bham News' Michelle Campbell), a three-foot McLeod Software unit made on the occasion of the transportation-management software firm's 25th anniversary ...

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