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State of insurance for independents with new authority: Pricey, and getting pricier

When it's time to shop coverage around: With a fleet at around four years old and no significant history of claims, a seven truck fleet's liability insurance rates had risen substantially in its fourth year to roughly $15,000 annually per truck, all in. That's not how it's supposed to go, noted presenters at an insurance session at Expedite Expo.

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Fitting insurance to the operator — trends in usage-based pricing

If you missed a feature about insurance costs I wrote for the August edition of Overdrive, it contained a brief item relative to how insurance companies determine customer risk -- and as a result of that risk determination, premium rate pricing. Canal Insurance Chief Underwriting Officer Paul Brocklebank made brief mention in the piece about the fact that the consumer auto insurance industry writ large is moving toward more frequent rate updates, utilizing GPS and other vehicle ...

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Insurance that Fits

After a truck payment, insurance is often the biggest fixed cost for owner-operators, particularly those running under their own authority.

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