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Diesel price is up: One operator’s response

Driving habits can do a lot for fuel efficiency, as we know, but there are other ways of dealing with the continued high cost of fuel, up another 5 cents nationally last week. Seeing the gross inflation of crude markets that has been part and parcel of the world commodities markets in the past four-five years, owner-operator Jim Schlise, leased to Usher Transport in Louisville, Ky., rather cheekily outfitted each of the two fuel tanks ...

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Analyst says trucking “inefficient”

Investment analysts, with their outsiders’ viewpoint, often have some good insight into our industry. Other insights aren’t quite so astute. The Business Insider website, with its recent “Trucking running on fumes” analysis, offers this stark summary as an introduction to its commentary on rising fuel prices: Trucking is one of the most expedient, but also one of the most inefficient modes of freight transportation. The conclusion is based on the fuel efficiency of rail, which is ...

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News bytes: Diesel prices, Driving sans pants, Willie’s Place to be Petro

Commodities speculation back in the spotlight  The commodities futures positions limits problem is back in the TV news via a series on liberal populist host Ed Schultz' "Ed Show" this week. The first spot in the series distilled the history of the elimination of position limits that I've written about some over the years, most recently in a discussion of the Griftopia book as oil/diesel prices continued their long rise, which began late last summer in ...

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