crash statistics

New rules for those making new rules

"If the word “data” is used once, it's used 77,000 times and I vote that, hereafter, the gubmint is not allowed to use the word more than once in a report, unless of course, they're referring to the Star Trek character..."

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Readers on the crash-fault ‘shell game’

In denying the possibility of fault determination, advocacy groups ignore the majority of car-truck crashes.

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NPR looks at truckers’ health issues and regulation

A radio story on regulators' scrutiny of truckers health aired last week Friday for a larger than usual audience -- on NPR by reporter Frank Morris out of station KCUR in Kansas City, Mo. He introduced the heart -- or stomach -- of the story quickly: "Outside the Iron Skillet restaurant on I-70 east of Kansas City -- where you can get a salad, but the chicken-fried steak and eggs with gravy sure look more appealing ...

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