danger zone

Federal level action on truckers’ right to carry: Myth and attempted process

Two in five respondents to an Overdrive survey about carrying weapons have the mistaken belief that a federal law prohibits truckers from carrying a gun in their vehicle. Instead, only states have such laws, but because they vary widely, compliance becomes complicated for any gun-toting driver engaged in interstate commerce.

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Truckers who carry, and one who doesn’t, detail their reasons

Most truckers favor the right to carry a weapon on the road. Even those who don’t often say they stand by the old saying: “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.”

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Danger zone: Truckers stick to their guns despite questions about firearm laws, Overdrive research reveals

New Overdrive research shows large concerns over threats to truckers' personal safety. Though varying state concealed-carry laws make it difficult to cross state lines and remain in compliance, many truckers remain armed.

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