drayage truck owners

Oakland port truckers seek emissions rule delay

Drayage trucking companies that serve the Port of Oakland, which use primarily owner-operators, are seeking support to delay a California Air Resources Board mandate that requires trucks to be retrofitted with nitrogen oxide-reduction equipment by 2014. A trade group representing port truck operators estimates that without a postponement in the NOx requirement 4,400 trucks of 1994-2006 model years would have to be replaced with 2007 or newer models by January 2014. Last December, CARB voted against ...

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Calif. truck registry updated

The Drayage Truck Registry should reflect a 12/31/13 compliance date to avoid being turned away.

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California air agency begins truck rules at ports

Drayage truck owners working California ports and intermodal rail yards face new emissions rules from the California Air Resources Board that carry potential fines. Enforcement, which had been delayed since January, began May 15. CARB’s Port Drayage Rule bans trucks with 1993 or older engines from entering ports and intermodal rail yards. Trucks with model year 1994-2003 engines must be outfitted with a CARB-approved diesel particulate filter. Owners of trucks with newer engines face phased compliance schedules. CARB ...

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