ELD Extension Act

Texas rep Babin requests ELD delay directly from Trump, grassroots group launches letter-writing campaign

The Texas representative who has been the principal sponsor of the H.R. 3282 ELD Extension Act of 2017 two-year ELD mandate delay has written a letter requesting President Trump issue an executive order to delay the December 18 mandate enforcement deadline at least until April Fool's Day next year.

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Congressional low-hanging fruit for the Babin ELD delay bill, and a real shortage in Puerto Rico

Recall the House Freedom Caucus, which called for review/repeal of a myriad of regs (ELD mandate included) as Trump came into office? These caucus members voted against the recent delay amendment. And: An actual shortage of haulers in Puerto Rico in Hurricane Maria's aftermath.

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Why Mike can’t have nice things (like my vote)

"I spend every Monday morning writing letters to my representatives in DC, and I spend about the same amount of time calling their offices, leaving messages and talking to staff. I realize that's not nearly as cool as making a bold, public statement about 'being done with writing letters'..."

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