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What does your fuel surcharge look like?

A poll that asks for owner-operators' thoughts on the use of fuel surcharges as a cushioning agent against spikes in fuel prices sparked some discussion on Facebook last week. Owner-operators Linda Caffee, Jeff Clark and others were involved, Clark taking the point of view that fuel surcharges were merely a utility for negotiating long-term rates in contracts with shippers. The fuel surcharge "is a convenience, especially for longer-term contracts with regular customers," Clark wrote. "Otherwise every load ...

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Truckes weigh in on safety and scheduling plus the biggest problems facing owner-operators.

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Dollars and Sense: Clearing up fuel taxes

Because owners of Class 8 vehicles have to reconcile the amount of fuel burned in a state with the amount of fuel purchased in that state, the state tax owed could be more or less than the tax paid at the pump.

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