invasion of privacy

Driver-facing cams an invasion of privacy? Answers at Real Women in Trucking’s GATS legal Q&A

In a word, if the driver agrees to work for the company providing the equipment, no. Attorney Paul Taylor: "Should drivers do something about it? Yeah, they should -- to a certain extent, drivers have to quit working for bad companies."

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‘Medically certified’ — join us for radio show Wednesday to probe driver health regs

At 7 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow evening (Wed., June 22) I'll join Truth About Trucking Live hosts Allen & Donna Smith as well as my colleague Max Kvidera for a special show probing the issues raised by the current, June Truckers News cover story Kvidera and I penned about state and federal regs for driver medical certification. Joining us will be a special guest, a big-hearted driver I wrote about in my portion of the ...

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FMCSA opens comment period on EOBR

FMCSA will continue to accept and consider comments on all issues within the scope of the proposed electronic recorder rule.

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