malicious programming

Foiling the truck-hackers, ELD edition: Vigilance needed from all quarters of the industry

Might the future bring malicious programming attacks on the electronic systems controlling vehicles? Cybersecurity researchers have shown it's possible, but no actual hack has been documented. One operator's story of ELD/ECM malfunction, however, raises question the industry needs to continue to ask.

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Foiling the truck-hackers, winning the triathlon

What's next, "Truckhacking?" If this doesn't lend new urgency to the technical standards FMCSA's mulling for EOBRs, I don't know what does. Craig Trudell reported yesterday in Bloomberg BusinessWeek on a team of "carhacking" researchers out of the University of California San Diego and the University of Washington, who found during a study that they were able to take control of a car, manipulating all of its systems remotely via common hacker methodology. The point of entry, ...

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