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Freight niche transition — HHG to expedited with owner-operator Greg Huggins

Podcast: A talk with Greg Huggins, currently leased with a 2015 Cascadia straight truck to Landstar Express America, about his transition three years ago from two decades and more of household-moves hauling. And: A prediction on scale house inspectors after the ELD mandate.

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Truck-Lite goes gonzo with customer service in new YouTube series

"Customers often ask the same questions about the features and design of our products," says Bob Ives, Truck-Lite's marketing vice president. Coming upon a creative way to address those customer questions and concerns, the company has undertaken a series of YouTube vids that Ives says has proven an "excellent tool" to address "feedback and concerns with an entertaining and educational experience." The series, headed "Capucci Labs" on Truck-Lite's YouTube channel, sees company Director of National Aftermarket Sales ...

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