new year’s resolutions

On keeping those pesky New Year’s Resolutions

When do most folks lose steam on their resolutions? Right about now, says Jim Sweeney of RoadPro. While I can see that clearly enough, here's a few tips toward better success...

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Health and happiness go hand in hand

It's a medically proven fact that happy people are healthier. Happiness gives them an inner strength that actually makes their bodies function better.

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Stiff wind to pay the toll: The 2011 Channel 19 year in review

What better way to start the new year than with a look back on the previous? I did it last year, after all, so let's make it a tradition, how bout? The Chinese Year of the Rabbit saw all manner of issues hopping in and out of the national on-highway spotlight, bookended by a proposed hours-of-service rule and its ultimate issuance, slightly reducing potential weekly work hours. Bound up in the discussion was, as any regular ...

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