New york Stock Exchange

Swift at the New York Stock Exchange

Get an eyeful of this pic, a Swift International Lonestar parked outside the New York Stock Exchange on May 25, when Swift management rang the opening bell on the exchange after a December initial public offering (NYSE-Listed SWFT) of Swift stock, which gained 27 cents a share that week. Swift, "based in Phoenix, Ariz., operates 16,100 units comprised of 12,100 tractors, a fleet of 49,400 trailers driven by company drivers and 4,000 owner-operator tractors," runs a press release accompanying company ...

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Newton’s laws of motion at work on NYSE?

Every driver knows, at least intuitively, Newton's third law of motion, right? Or is it the first? In any case, it typically runs something like "for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction," and is meant to describe momentum and the interaction of objects. The wheels and tires, propelled by the truck's engine, give it momentum enough that the consistent resisting force of the pavement doesn't slow the truck down. . . . When I ...

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