The biggest little voice in trucking

How self-styled safety-advocacy groups won over the federal government, and some trucking interests themselves, to influence trucking regulation.

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Analyst says trucking “inefficient”

Investment analysts, with their outsiders’ viewpoint, often have some good insight into our industry. Other insights aren’t quite so astute. The Business Insider website, with its recent “Trucking running on fumes” analysis, offers this stark summary as an introduction to its commentary on rising fuel prices: Trucking is one of the most expedient, but also one of the most inefficient modes of freight transportation. The conclusion is based on the fuel efficiency of rail, which is ...

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When boxcars come to stay

Railroads were advertising a lot during last year’s period of rising fuel prices, touting their good cost-per-mile for moving a ton of commodities. Lest you think the super-heavy-duty engines are stealing your livelihood, consider this anecdotal evidence from the Wall Street Journal: Boxcars used to be a “fleeting sight” in the town of New Castle, Ind. For the past year, though, 100-plus yellow boxcars have been parked in the middle of town. The line stretches for ...

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