Slice of Life program

Freightliner Slice of Life test drive program continues

Freightliner Trucks launched the second year of its program for test driving Cascadias powered by Detroit Diesel DD15 engines with BlueTec emissions SCR technology, the truck maker announced. The launch for the Slice of Life program continuation, in which owner-operators test drive new Cascadia tractors and blog about their experiences, was at the Penske Racing Headquarters in Mooresville, N.C. At the launch, test drivers Henry Albert, Kurt Grote, Dick McCorkle and the program’s newest participant, Gina Angsten, received 2010 Cascadia trucks. The ...

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FMCSA finally listening to drivers?

On the subject of the hours of service, my entire time covering the trucking industry has been to the ever-more-visible backdrop curtain of calls (to really mix metaphors) to introduce some sort of flexibility into the current, rigid 14-hour window for drivers to take short sleeper berth periods and not risk losing valuable driving hours. The current FMCSA administrator, Anne Ferro, in her remarks to the Mid-West Truckers Association convention in Peoria, Ill., over the weekend, highlighted her ...

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