Trump DOT nixes sleep apnea rulemaking, bumps speed limiter mandate

The U.S. Department of Transportation, as expected under the Trump administration, has signaled it will not continue to pursue a rulemaking to mandate the use of speed limiters in the trucking industry, at least any time soon. However, the DOT still considers instituting sleep apnea screening protocol for truck operators and carrier employers as a near-term priority.

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DOT adds 30 days to speed limiter comment period

Comments on the propose rule are now due by the end of the day Dec. 7. The rule doesn't specify a speed to which trucks would be governed.

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CDL drug/alcohol clearinghouse rule expected this month, driver training rule in November

A Final Rule to establish a CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is set to be published Sept. 26, while the rule to set up minimum driver training standards for truckers is set for a Nov. 7 publication.

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