From toilets to roads — concrete from the potty

It's "poticrete," actually, the name given an aggregate mix the city of Bellingham, Wash., used for a paved trail project -- a big portion of the aggregate is made of crushed toilets, sinks and other porcelain bathroom fixtures. The mixture is notablein that it marks the first "LEED-style certification," Christopher Mims wrote on, for something resembling a roadway. (The folks at the Greenroads Foundation designated the Poticrete trail its first certified Greenroad.) And I imagine it might ...

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Biking Minneapolis

This week I enjoyed the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis, Minn. I rode my bicycle from Hopkins, Minn., to the Freewheel Bike Center in downtown Minneapolis. Minneapolis is a bike friendly big city. Trails are interwoven throughout the metro area. Many of the streets have designated bike lanes. The midtown Greenway section is a must. For truckers all rides begin with finding a place to park. On this day I had a delivery at Super Valu in ...

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