truck scale

Our truck and its payload

We had a rare heavy load on our truck today, heavy for us that is.

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On-board scale

The on-board scale Quickoad leverages Air-Weigh's electronics, sensor and software technology and is designed in an environmentally sealed package to ensure long life in harsh climates and applications. Quickload can be mounted in various positions on the trailer exterior and installed in about  20 minutes. New features include an icon-based touch screen; multiple display, alarm and program settings; and built-in warning weight and overweight alarm LEDs that shine forward, rearward and outward. Additional features include a built-in battery ...

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In-cab scale display

Readings from the LoadMaxx series of truck and tractor scales can be viewed with an in-cab, 1.8-inch by 3.3-inch display screen that mounts to flat surfaces with permanent adhesive tape or utilizes a swivel mount. The LoadMaxx converts tractor and trailer suspension loads to an on-the ground weight using digital two-point calibration. A round display screen is also available. AIR-WEIGH,, (888) 459-3247

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