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National Seating sweepstakes: Do you need a new seat?

If so, here's your chance to get one free of charge. Get on over to this website, which is offering owner-operators the chance to win a brand-new premium National Commodore seat (pictured) by sharing a shot of your current seat and any anecdotes detailing what you like about it and what could make you like it a whole lot more. The contest is ongoing as of June 1, and a monthly winner will be selected.

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Truck seat

The new Next Generation legacy truck seat has longer armrests and enhanced back support that proects the spine's natural curve. Concave frame structure and bolster radius supplies a will-fit design wtih side-to-side bolster support. The shoulder region is 19 inches wide, and foam cushions minimize spinal pressure. The seat fully reclines and is available in a variety of materials. Deluxe and standard versions are availabe, as well as seats for heavy-duty suspension and seats with a ...

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