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The future of the inner-city courier business…

| December 08, 2009

Need a workout to help accomplish that pesky New Year’s Resolution peeking over the horizon? Yesterday, NPR’s Morning Edition ran this story about the growth of interest in cargo bikes like the Bullitt S7 (pictured), which allow the human-powered haulers to transport up to 600 lbs. of cargo in a small package. All depending upon, of course, your ability to muscle it. They’re geared, though, to make it easy, and their frames are designed for stability. Combined with trailers, one senses potential for all manner of leg-toning local work.

Unfortunately, the owner of Clever Cycles in Portland, Ore., told reporter Deena Prichep that the cargo more than 70 percent of his customers come looking to haul isn’t the kind that commands any lane rate with its transport: “Children and groceries,” mostly, he said.

On the other hand, cargo bike manufacturer Metrofiets, reported Prichep, “has built a custom cargo bicycle for a floor refinisher to carry his sander, and for a brewery to transport their beer kegs….”

Look out box truck…

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