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This look scary to you?

| March 05, 2009

Trucker Jeff Clark sent in a note to Overdrive and Truckers News‘ offices objecting to what he called National Public Radio’s Here amp; Now program host Robin Young’s “>unabashed usage of the term scary trucks“> in a segment Wednesday discussing expansion of rail infrastructure capacity. Young was interviewing Philip Longman, senior fellow of the New America Foundation, who repeatedly profferred in positively glowing terms the possibility of removing 85 percent of heavy trucks from the nation’s highways. Says Clark, “Never did the host disagree with the guest. I do not have a problem with promoting rail usage. I have a problem taking my tax money to subsidize my competition.” Clark fired off a letter to Here amp; Now, and as of right now, he says, it looks like Young has been back in touch with Clark and, with any luck, may feature him in a follow-up in the coming days. Keep an eye on it at the Here amp; Now site.

Listen to the Wednesday Here amp; Now segment here.


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