Thomas Ivie presents ‘Flying Tire Incident’

| October 17, 2016

I was driving in Kansas City, Mo., when the wheel and tire of a car ahead of me came off. It rolled into the left lanes and out of my sight.


Howard Salmon presents ‘The Prius won,’ or ‘Cut off, ticketed, stuck on I-24 near Chattanooga’

Sadly, this video view from the dashcam of owner-operator Howard Salmon puts to bed an accident-free period for the longtime independent spanning Salmon's 30-plus years ...

Traffic slowed down, and I thought it was because some vehicles hit the tire. All of a sudden, the tire was in the air, heading straight for me. Luckily it only took out the left portion of my bumper, and no other damage was done. No one else reported being struck by the tire to my knowledge. I still don’t know what it hit to come flying back at me.

The driver was uninsured of course.


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Wayne Smith presents ‘New lows for sharing the road’

Smith was hauling out of Allentown on I-78 "when a couple bikes were too impatient" -- and a little reckless, well evident in the video ...

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