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Wired, watched and weeded out


It’s an old business adage whose message is finding new life in trucking: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” When it comes to measuring the truck and driver, it turns out electronic logging devices are just the tip of the iceberg.

This final installment of Tomorrow’s Trucker explores how fleets and their data vendors are beginning to amass information on drivers to improve safety, recruitment and retention. The data is coming from sources as diverse as text message patterns and average detention time, from info dumps as traditional as job applications and surveys, and from technology as advanced as video cameras and biometrics.

If current trends continue, much of what can be measured in the name of safety will indeed get measured, whether voluntarily or by mandate. Read on to see how you can manage your way through this changing environment – or how the data explosion will be used to manage you.

Reinventing the owner-operator


Trucking’s technology advances are changing not just the vehicle, but also what’s expected of its operator.

Sophisticated braking and stability systems, combined with other automation, are bringing autonomous trucks – and possibly hours of service changes – closer to reality. Electronic logging devices and other wireless systems are turning the cab into a remote office churning out more data to more recipients.

Meanwhile, evolutions in the owner-operator business model and the availability of real-time market information call for more savvy businesspeople. Whether leased or operating with his own authority, tomorrow’s owner-operator will be redefined as more independent, yet more interdependent.

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Wired, watched and weeded: How the increasing penetration of technology will change the driver pool.

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