Impeach Trump? No way, say 8 in 10 readers

Updated Oct 27, 2019

In the wake of the September announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that an inquiry into the possible impeachment of President Trump was under way in several House committees, only 5% of readers expressed uncertainty about whether such an inquiry was justified, even in its very early stages.

After evidence came to light that Trump had asked Ukrainian leaders to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden for corruption, as the United States continued to withhold Congressionally appropriated military aid to the country, eight in 10 poll respondents were a categorical “No” on any impeachment.

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As one commenter wrote, summarizing the view of others, “This is political theater of the highest order. There’s no formal anything going on. … It’s all a sham, and nothing but posing and virtue-signaling by the Dems. This will turn out badly for them.”

Jarid Jennings commented: “This supposed two-party system only occurs ‘on camera.’ Most [politicians] are ‘drinking buddies’ after work … if you can even call it work.” He went on to suggest a third way forward: “If the ‘silent majority’ were to vote, we would have an independent in office, for they are the true majority of America. … This [increasingly divided] political landscape is a black eye to all Americans.”