ATD launches smaller trailer aerodynamic device

| March 30, 2011

Trailer aerodynamics parts manufacturer ATDynamics unveiled its TrailerTail Nano, a smaller version of the company’s rear-drag-reducing trailer add-on, Wednesday, March 30.

The Nano is roughly half the size of the original TrailerTail, is designed for use in inner-city operations and pup-trailer fleets, and complies with Canadian regulatory requirements, said ATD COO Babur Ozden. It extends the length of the trailer about 2 feet, half that of the standard TrailerTail.

The Nano will be available this fall, Ozden said.

ATD also announced the purchase of 130 TrailerTails by national carrier Werner Enterprises. ATD said the original TrailerTail is compatible with all major dry van and refrigerated trailer configurations.  It is designed to reduce rear trailer drag and increase fuel efficiency.

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