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Todd Dills turns 10: A talk with Stephen Michaels, long-haul proprietor

| February 09, 2018

It’s been a long time since I first checked in with trucker Stephen Michaels, who will need no introduction if you’re familiar with BigRigSteve’s website and Youtube channel, where he offers up a family-friendly live feed from his truck on its way around these United States, among other features.

In 2009, though, I did write this linked piece, about the hauler’s then-fast-growing “Road Crew,” the individuals of all shapes, sizes, locales and professions around the world that were following him.’s 10th-anniversary t-shirt design mark’s just the third time Michaels has produced t-shirts, this design by a site “Road Crew” member who’s a designer in Colorado.

If there’s anything he’s been busy doing since then, other than OTR trucking of course, it’s community building, and he’s been helped along the way by his feed’s consistency and no shortage of fairly high-profile media appearances, mentions and shares of his feed by outlets ranging from MSNBC, the Travel Channel and Weather Channel to PC Magazine and the History Channel. Perhaps most importantly, as you’ll hear him discuss in the conversation in this latest edition of Overdrive Radio, his informal ambassadorship from the trucking world to the motoring public has yielded plenty individual dividends in motorist education and a turn in the perception of trucking in many a mind out there, without doubt.

Bonus from the podcast: Discussion with Pennsylvania retired insurance man Dave Isett about how he came to be a follower of BigRigSteve, and Michaels himself shares a variety of anecdotes about his site’s impact on individual motorists’ attention to their own safe-driving habits around big trucks and much more.

BigRigSteve Michaels (right) during one of many chance meetings with “Road Crew” followers of his trucking live webcam.

‘High-speed trucking: Chicago rush hour’ from BigRigTravels’ Stephen Michaels

This video by driver Stephen Michaels captures a run through Chicago at rush hour, at high speed (the video, not the truck).


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