International 9900ix: Great Nose Job

International’s 9900ix is a classically styled long hood that boasts of being aerodynamic as well. This truck has all the bells and whistles that please image-conscious owner-operators. The aerodynamic features include a flow-through sunshade, a pod-style air fairing, aero mirrors and breakaway C-loop door-mounted brackets for more aerodynamic design and reduced wind noise. A fully curved and sloped windshield gives excellent visibility and further reduces drag.

A new line of National seats offers a full range of adjustments and features, including heat. The floor has been stiffened, especially under the seat, considerably improving the ride. Indeed, ride and handling are the most noticeable upgrades since a test drive two years ago.

One area that needed improvement in the 9900 line was side sway, a problem International says has been minimized in a number of ways, including a wide-track front axle, pinpoint steering geometry and parabolic taperleaf front axle suspension. The air-suspended cab and Ride Optimized Suspension, along with the laser-squared frame rail and cross members, stabilize both truck and trailer. Improved wheel and tire assembly keep you straight and narrow.

There is a full range of sleeper options – one low-roof, two mid-roofs and one Sky Rise walk-in that’s a full 72 inches from seat to inside back of cab. The Sky Rise is well-appointed, roomy and has plenty of storage.

All bunks are 37 inches wide. Under-bunk storage includes two lock boxes. A wide variety of storage compartments allows you to organize life on the road more efficiently than the common mix of large closets and a few small drawers.

The 9900ix should give other premium owner-operator trucks a run for their money. Its cost puts it in the upper echelon, but its features, style and attitude back up the price tag.