Kenworth W900L: Unmistakable Presence

The W900L technically doesn’t have the biggest hood in the industry, but it looks like it does. The 86-inch, top-of-the-line studio apartment behind the cab makes the entire truck appear to be more than the sum of its parts; inside, the sleeper leaves very little to wish for. Those who need less can choose from nine other sleepers.

From paint jobs that are hand-masked and hand-finished to hand-stitched upholstery, the W900L feels as if it has been crafted detail by detail. Luxury, though, must blend with functionality, and Kenworth has built its reputation on durability and performance.

Owner-operators looking for tri-axle drives, for example, should know that Kenworth’s tri-drives come through without a transfer case nor the need for the raised front end of a front drive axle. On a truck as imposing as a W900L, you might wonder about handling, but the truck gives 38 degrees of wheel cut even with the flotation tires some owner-operators need for off-road work. Nevertheless, you’ll still need to look around those big, beautiful stacks when backing, and tight spots are a challenge.

More than most, Kenworth emphasizes high-tech options. Beyond air cushion seats and a dash that is second to none for its beauty and convenience, the driver’s work environment can be outfitted with everything from permanent phone hookups to global positioning systems. Kenworth’s camera system gives a wide-angle view of the right side. The GPS system provides audio and visual directions to any address.

The infrared night-vision system helps you perceive potential hazards as far as three to five times the length of headlight beams. The system is a “heads-up” display, which is mounted above the windshield and can be flipped up and out of the way during daytime.

A cab with these features gives you a leg up on performance, comfort and safety – and will impress anyone who mistakes a formidable truck like the W900L for a low-tech operation.

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