Interesting Industry Tidbits


“It’s a spooky number. I don’t really care for it. I’m more comfortable when I get off it.”

– Minnesota trucker Dave Olmstead, 49, on highway officials’ intention to change the number of U.S. 666, which runs through New Mexico, Colorado and Utah, because of frequent theft of road signs. 666 is identified as the “number of the beast” in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.


Not every trucker can score a date with a big-breasted, blond celebrity, and then have it documented on national television.

Mark Norris, who met Anna Nicole Smith in the first episode of her reality program, “The Anna Nicole Show,” was that lucky – or not so lucky – guy.

“When the mustachioed macho man pulled up to Anna’s pad in an 18-wheel rig, Anna nearly put the brakes on his plans to hit the road for a looong drive and an overnight date in Laughlin, Nev.,” says a website summary of the episode involving Norris. She finally agreed to go, only to complain that her rear got sore on the ride and then, at the hotel, that she was tired. The overweight, former Playboy Playmate spent the night alone in her own room.

The conclusion came the next day at a rodeo: “As a couple of 10-gallon hunks gave Anna a ride on their horse, Mark started looking pretty bronco-busted. So, after giving it some thought, Anna tearfully ended the date and sent Mark on his way home, alone on the range.”


The old saying is that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that counts. That’s never truer than with the GPS-generated artwork created by people traveling on everything from bicycles to boats. The line drawings – such as a mosquito, or a word – on trace the routes taken by GPS users, much like a giant Etch A Sketch. Now, if you can just find a GPS unit and an agreeable dispatcher who supports the arts

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