Letters From Readers


For some time now, I have been hearing drivers referred to as nasty, trashy and dirty. People have stereotyped us from seeing some things that I have turned a blind eye to for years. Recently, I stopped on an off-ramp in New Mexico to take my dog for a walk and had a rather saddening experience. There was trash everywhere: plastic bags, bottles full of urine and food boxes. And we wonder why people call us nasty.
If those of us who actually care about our reputations voice our opinion about these things, it would be a step in the right direction.

Jeff Brown
Freedom, Okla.


Most owner-operators will tell you that nine times out of 10 they have been over-charged by a mechanic and the work has been unsatisfactory. I would like to share this with drivers who travel through Illinois on I-74.

In Oakwood, at Exit 206, is Don Kiger’s B&D Truck & Trailer Repairs. I am an owner-operator with two trucks, and we travel through Illinois every week on our way to Iowa. Don has done numerous repairs on our trucks, and I have always been more than satisfied with his work.

You will not find anyone cheaper. He’s even done some minor checks and not charged me anything. I can name many garages that wouldn’t even consider looking at a truck without charging a minimum fee.

David Stanley
East Bend, N.C.


I read the new hours-of-service rule, and I find that the truck drivers are being targeted as the solution to the problem, as usual. When will the government realize that to make safer highways, they need to target the trucking companies, brokers, shippers, receivers and state and local governments? Where are these so-called trucking organizations that claim to be in support of the driver?

Sooner or later, the drivers will finally decide to pull together. When this happens, look out. If a trucker strike occurs, it won’t only be owner-operators; company drivers will be right there, also.

Bill Heath
Tazewell, Tenn.


Following are excerpts from responses filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding the new hours-of-service rule.

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We are pushed every day to get to where our product is to be delivered. So why does the driver have to be punished? Has anyone that makes these regulations ever driven a semi-truck before?

Jeannie McBride
Ft. Smith, Ark.

Much of the problem with the highway system being unsafe is that there is very little government involvement in the regulations of the labor practices for the industry, training, parking, freight rates, split speed limits and public education.

William S. Heath
Tazewell, Tenn.

I fail to understand how allowing us to drive longer will make us safer drivers… Many drivers aren’t living till retirement age as it is, and you want to allow us to spend more time behind the wheel.
Albert R. Minnich
Pine Grove, Pa.

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