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After nearly four decades of dependable service, the Mack RD, the last of the R series models, will be retired at the end of 2003. The company is offering a special edition of the vehicle – the R-Model Legend. It will have special paint, badges, chrome, steering wheel, embroidered seats and other amenities.

Mack Trucks Inc.
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Cummins’ new Load-Based Speed Control, an electronic feature available on all new ISX and ISM engines, is designed to improve fuel economy. The feature is standard on engines with Cummins SmartTorque ratings. LBSC manages governed rpm based on operating conditions. It limits the usable engine speed when power requirements are in the low end or middle of the power range. When power requirements are high, LBSC extends the operating range. Cummins says the feature also lowers vehicle noise.

Cummins Inc.
(812) 377-5000


The Battery Life Saver draws about 20 watts to “send a frequency signal to each crystal of the lead sulfate buildup, causing it to convert back into lead and sulfuric acid, dissolving the crystal,” its maker says. One model is designed for heavy trucks with 12- or 24-volt electrical systems.

Battery Life Saver
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A new dropdeck trailer from Doonan Trailers has aluminum side rails and taillight panels. It weighs as little at 9,450 pounds as a 48-foot-by-102-inch unit. Rounded edges protect tiedown straps. The unit comes in 35-inch and 40-inch heights. Tandem, tri-axle and rear sliders are available. Other options include container locks and an aluminum floor.

Doonan Trailer Corp.
(620) 792.6222


Dana Corp.’s Commercial Vehicle Systems Division has introduced a new tag axle designed for six-by-two configurations requiring reduced weight. Weighing only 255 pounds, the axle features the same external geometry as a standard drive axle to enable the use of conventional torque rod brackets and axle seats that are compatible with air-ride suspension systems. The axle, model R22BS, is rated up to 22,000 pounds.

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Roadranger Marketing
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Airgo Systems says its new tire inflation system features stationary hub components and provides “the safest possible method of transferring air to damaged or compromised tires.” The system features a case-hardened steel and carbon graphite rotary seal, which is installed outside the hub and vents externally. Airgo says, “External venting eliminates the risk of hub pressurization, which enables maintenance professionals to maintain proper inflation levels without jeopardizing wheel-end components.” The system carries a five-year, unlimited-miles warranty.

Airgo Systems
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Grote Industries has improved its website to allow easier navigation and to have questions answered immediately by Grote personnel during business hours. The improved catalog section allows customers to type in a competitor’s product number to find the equivalent Grote product.

Grote Industries
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The Cage International lug nut system “covers and locks lug nuts in place so they can’t rotate on their bolts or away from the mating surface,” Cage says. The system, a ring of socket-like devices that lock onto the nuts, “reduces the perceived need to repeatedly over-torque the nuts and stops the progression of a single loose lug nut or damaged stud into multiple loose lug nuts or damaged studs.”

Cage International


The new LED Super 44 Hard Wired stop/tail/turn lamp produces a “more robust light pattern while using only six diodes,” and has improved optics, says Truck-Lite. It has integrated wiring connections, offered with a choice of five different adapters. The integrated adapter pigtails minimize the number of connection points and reduce the space needed to mount the lamp.

Truck-Lite Co. Inc.
(800) 562-5012


The new Hendrickson tire inflation system, Tire Maax, is an option on Intraax and Vantraax trailer suspension systems. It taps the trailer air supply to maintain inflation at a preset level. The system also alerts the operator when low tire pressure occurs. Hendrickson says the system, which is activated only when needed, minimizes demands on the air supply system because constant air pressurization to the tires is not required.

Hendrickson International
(866) 743-3247


The new HazMat Made Easier covers the hazmat table, documentation, marking, labeling, placarding, loading and unloading, load segregation, packaging, incident reporting and emergency response.

J.J. Keller & Associates
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The Retread Tire Buyers Guide contains contact information on retreaders throughout the country.

Tire Retread Information Bureau
(888) 473-8732


Firestone’s new FD690 Plus radial is a drive-axle tire with 29/32-inch tread depth for long distance and linehaul use. The tread, in addition to maximum depth, features “an aggressive block/lug design, with numerous angled edges to cut through water and road films. The center lugs are linked with tie bars to add stability against tread squirm and to fight heel and toe wear, the most common type of irregular wear on ultra-deep tread drive radials,” the company says.

Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire LLC
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Delphi Delco Electronics Systems’ new Forewarn Back-Up Aid retrofit kit is available through selected Pana-Pacific distributors. The system uses radar technology to help drivers avoid objects as far as 16.4 feet away. It functions whenever the vehicle is in reverse gear. It is offered with 20- or 32-foot wiring harnesses for single-chassis vehicles and can be adapted to a tractor-trailer.

Pana-Pacific/Delphi Automotive Systems
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