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Get some sleep during the night with the Headshoe, an all-in-one headrest, ear cups and eye pillow that helps truckers trying to get a quick break.


You’ve heard of putting your foot in your mouth, but what about putting your head in a shoe? “The Headshoe is an all-in-one headrest, ear cups and eye pillow that can help truckers trying to get a quick break,” says publicity for the product. “It won’t isolate the user like a flotation tank, but it fits in a suitcase and you don’t have to get naked or wet.”

The Headshoe can be ordered from for $97.99, including shipping.


It was CBs back in the early ’80s, “trucker caps” for the past year. Now, according to, a guide to offbeat tourist attractions, the general public may once again be onto a new way to mimic truckers.

This time it’s the practice of tossing urine-filled containers onto the roadside: “Authorities suspect a crossover into the general driving population, judging by the amount of bottles surprising road crews. Crews in southeastern Washington state reported more than 1,000 bottles in a one-month period for a 100-mile section of highway.”

The website’s map, “Jugs of Pee: Sporadic Reports and Sightings,” highlights jug counts, government actions and odd facts about unauthorized roadside urine dumps.


A trucker who dropped his trailer at a trucking company in Pacific, Wash., discovered he had another load he wasn’t aware of. Turned out Daniel Gonzalez, who was making the most of his free time after posting $5,000 bond for his arrest on a charge of eluding police, had hitched a ride by slipping above the fuel tanks when the rig made a 3 a.m. stop at the Port of Tacoma. The News Tribune of Tacoma reported Gonzalez was arrested again and held on $25,000 bail. He wasn’t injured, but his face was black with grime, the newspaper reported.


“When people see so many speeding truckers, and find themselves tailgated so often by those highway monsters, it’s hard not to fault the industry as a whole.”

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– Fredericksburg, Va., Free Lance-Star columnist Richard Amrhine calling for highway billboard memorials with the names of truck accident victims to remind truckers “of the carnage they can cause.”


“Our results show that Kansas is considerably flatter than a pancake.”

– Southwest Texas State University scientists found an IHOP pancake had a flatness of 0.957 (1.000 being perfectly flat); Kansas rated 0.9997, reported The Wichita Eagle.