Letters From Readers


I have returned to driving and encouraged my wife to get her commercial driver’s license, which she did. After completing her physical, drug, classroom and driving tests, my wife was then told in orientation that she had to complete one more physical wellness test. She failed, and so did three other women. This test consisted of lifting and moving weighted crates to certain areas, following company guidelines as to how it was to be performed.

The politicians in D.C. are working so hard to look good to the American public by fixing the problem of driver fatigue by implementing new hours-of-service laws. But they ignore what drivers are saying and what carriers are doing, such as the one I drive for, which requires that in order to be employed as a driver you must sign a form stating you will be willing to load or off-load freight if the situation arises. Carriers are just passing this problem off by simply hiring more durable drivers with better back strength.

Will no one make a stand against the freight-handling issue, which truly does induce fatigue by drivers having to off-load freight?

Ken Whitford
Apple Valley, Calif.


Thanks for a great magazine! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it during my driving career. Although I’m not driving, I still read it online. My favorite articles are the Trucker of the Month, Speak Out and Reader Rigs. I always wanted my picture in the Speak Out column!

Robert Kolach
Winnipeg, Manitoba


I am a career trucker; I’ve been driving for about 30 years. I’ve seen the good times prior to deregulation, and I’ve seen the lean times becoming leaner since.

I couldn’t agree more with your “Licensed to Kill” article in the September issue. Long before the AAA report came out that the drivers of automobiles were responsible for more than 70 percent of the large truck-car accidents, I believed that it would be most beneficial if everyone were taught exactly how to interact with large trucks in any number of situations. More has to be done – maybe a video before the driving test.

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John J. Head
Monument, Colo.


Thank you! I recently read Linda Longton’s editorial from September, “The Real Highway Hazard.” It was concise and well-written. I just wish more of our politicians would listen to what you said.

Continue to help us get the word out. Those of us in the industry really do care about the safety of our highways. Apparently the general public does not care or they would focus their efforts where the real problems lie.

Bill Williford
Safety director, Tri-State Delivery